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Independent Pipe and Supply sells Smith boilers and Hydrotherm boilers

Independent Pipe offers a variety of commercial and residential boilers from leading manufacturers Smith and Hydrotherm. We sell boilers for almost any situation, whether you need boilers for small apartments, or for a large office spaces, Independent Pipe boilers will meet your energy and performance needs. Independent Pipe and Supply is a source for all your HVAC needs. We sell boilers, piping systems, fire protection products, valves and fittings to meet most project specifications. Please consult our online inventory for more information about our vendors and products.

About Hydrotherm boilers

Independent Pipe’s Hydrotherm boilers are an exceptional value. Hydrotherm boilers heat incoming supply water instantaneously thus eliminating the need for expensive bulk storage tanks and direct-fired water heaters. Hydrotherm boilers help save on fuel expenses as well.

Hydrotherm boilers for commercial use

Hydrotherm commercial boilers feature microprocessor control which step-fires modules to meet demand, thus achieving rated efficiency throughout the heating season. Stand-by heating capacity is built-in to each boiler and they come in gas, oil-fired or duel-fired systems.

Hydrotherm commercial gas-fired boilers

Hydrotherm MR Series commercial boilers

Hydrotherm MR Series boilersHydrotherm's MR Series commercial gas boilers feature modular cast iron design, horizontal section construction, atmospheric combustion and come with a choice of three ignition systems.

Hydrotherm VS and VGA Series boilers

Hydrotherm VG Series boilersHydrotherm VS and VGA series commercial gas steam boilers feature vertical section cast iron design, and have an optional tankless coil. The VS series comes with a built-in draft diverter and the VGA series uses a draft hood.

Hydrotherm MG Series commercial boilers

Hydrotherm MG Series boilersHydrotherm MG Series commercial gas boilers feature the Multi-Temp modular heating concept for maximum efficiency. They also have a modular cast iron design and horizontal section construction.

Hydrotherm MultiPulse AM Series boilers

Hydrotherm AM Series boilersHydrotherm MultiPulse AM Series commercial gas boilers have the highest AFUE rating in the industry (90%) and use the patented, sealed combustion principle. These boilers are direct vented and use pulse combustion. These features make this boiler ideal for radiant floor systems.

Hydrotherm commercial oil and dual fuel boilers

Hydrotherm MO Series commercial boilers

Hydrotherm MO Series boilersHydrotherm's MO Series commercial oil boilers feature modular cast iron design, a flam retention burner and has optional supply and return headers and power gas or dual fuel burners.

Hydrotherm MOP Series boilers

Hydrotherm MOP Series boilersHydrotherm MOP Series commercial gas, oil or dual-fuel boilers feature modular cast iron design, horizontal section construction, a flam retention burner and available supply and return headers.


About Smith boilers

Independent Pipe also offers Smith boilers for residential and commercial applications. Smith boilers cast iron construction and superior design make Smith boilers ultimate heating machines. In 1853, Henry B. Smith and his brother Edwin acquired a foundry along the canal in Westfield, Massachusetts. Here, they built a reputation for manufacturing fine gray iron castings. The Smiths envisioned the day when steam, generated in a central boiler, could be piped to radiators in all rooms of a building. Working with legendary inventor John H. Mills, the Smiths created the original Mills Boiler, which revolutionized the heating industry.

Today, Mills Boilers are a much more advanced than the original models. However, they still embody the Mills’ proven boiler design principles. The H.B. Smith Company continues its tradition of craftsmanship as America’s oldest manufacturer of cast iron boilers.

Smith boilers for commercial use

Smith manufactures a complete line of commercial boilers for almost any application. Smith boilers commercial lines come in various sizes to meet most heating and energy requirements.

Smith boilers - GB250 commercial

Smith boilers - GB250 commercialSmith GB250 boilers feature cast-iron design and are natural gas- or propane gas-fired. These Smith boilers are ideal for apartment, institutional or light commercial use. This boiler comes in six sizes from 175 to 400 MBH.

Smith boilers - GB300 commercial

Smith boilers - GB300 commericalSmith GB300 boilers feature cast-iron construction and are natural gas- or propane gas-fired. These Smith boilers are ideal for apartment, institutional and commercial installations. This boiler comes in seventeen sizes from 400 to 2000 MBH.

Smith boilers - 19-A commercial

Smith boilers - 19-A commercialSmith 19A boilers feature cas-iron construction and are pressurized with a wet base. These Smith boilers can be light oil-, gas-, or gas and oil-fired. This boiler comes in ten sizes from 297 to 1713 MBH.

Smith boilers - 28-A commercial

Smith boilers - 28-A commercialSmith 28-A boilers feature pressurized, cast-iron, wet-base construction. These Smith boilers can be light oil-, gas-, or gas and oil-fired. This boiler comes in fifteen sizes from 900 to 4629 MBH.

Smith boilers - Mills 6500A commercial

Smith boilers - Mills 6500A commercialSmith Mills 6500A boilers feature cast-iron design and come in gas-, oil- and gas/oil-fired models. These Smith boilers are ideal for apartment complexes, commercial buildings and schools. The famous Mills design comes in nine sizes rnaging from 1165 to 3665 MBH.

Browse boilers on our Web site

Independent pipe also offers residential boilers from Smith and Hydrotherm. If you would like information about the availability of Smith boilers and Hydrotherm boilers from Independent Pipe, please consult our online inventory.

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