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Independent Pipe sells RBI boilers and Lochinvar boilers

Independent Pipe and Supply is proud to be a distributor of RBI boilers and Lochinvar boilers. RBI and Lochinvar are leaders in the boiler industry and manufacture boilers for both residential and commercial applications. Independent Pipe and Supply is a source for all your HVAC needs. We sell boilers, piping systems, fire protection products, valves and fittings to meet most project specifications. Please consult our online inventory for more information about our vendors and products.

Commercial Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar has a tradition of setting industry standards for water heating efficiency. Intelli-Fin Series Lochinvar boilers take efficiency to a new level, not just with superior technology, but with a new level of intelligence.

Intelli-Fin Series Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Intelli-Fin SeriesIntelli-Fin Series Lochinvar boilers in 1.5 million, 1.7 million, and 2 million-BTU are whisper-quiet and are engineered to take advantage of the power of digital communications. This capability, along with Lochinvar boilers engineering, means Intelli-Fin boilers provide the lowest total cost of operation. Intelli-Fin Series Lochinvar boilers operate at 97% thermal efficiency.


Power-Fin Extended Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Power-Fin Extended SeriesPower-Fin Extended Lochivar boilers, their longtime flagship product line, now includes three new, larger models. These new models take all of the time-tested benefits of the Power-Fin Extended Lochivar boilers line and enhance it with new technologies to create a very powerful, machine. At 87% thermal efficiency, Power-Fin Extended Lochivar boilers are available in inputs of 1.5 million, 1.7 million and 2 million Btu/hr.

Copper-Fin II Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Copper-Fin II SeriesThe concept for Copper-Fin II Lochinvar Boilers was designed with three major objectives in mind: efficiency, reliability and convenience. With all the advantages of Copper-Fin technology as a solid foundation, Copper-Fin II Lochinvar Boilers add to the mix several built-in-advantages that elevate the Copper-Fin II to an entirely different playing field - revolutionary proportional firing, total system redundancy, and six venting options, to name just a few. At 85% thermal efficiency, Copper-Fin II Lochinvar Boilers are available in four models with inputs of 300,000 to 2,070,000 Btu/hr.


Copper-Fin Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Copper-Fin SeriesCopper-Fin Lochinvar boilers deliver quality performance to the commercial boiler market at a competitive price, and they offer several built-in advantages that competitive models don't. Lochinvar first introduced Copper-Fin technology to the boiler industry 40 years ago. Since then, Lochinvar has continued to refine and perfect it. Copper-Fin Lochinvar boilers are easy to operate, reliable and efficient. At 81% thermal efficiency, Copper-Fin Lochinvar boilers are available in multiple Btu/hr inputs.

Light Commercial and Residential Lochinvar Boilers

Efficiency+ Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Efficiency+ SeriesEfficiency+ Lochinvar boilers are quietly heating more and more homes and small businesses across America and throughout the world. This quiet revolution is the product of years of research and development, which has resulted in boilers that provide all the bells and whistles typically found on giant commercial boilers in a package small enough to fit in a closet. At 85% thermal efficiency, Efficiency+ Lochinvar boilers come in 5 different models with 100,000 to 300,000 Btu/hr inputs.


Mini-Fin Lochinvar Boilers

Lochinvar boilers - Mini Fin SeriesMini-Fin Lochinvar boilers offer a number of advantages to residential users. They aren't built the same way as most other boilers; they're built better. Lochinvar has combined the best of cast-iron technology with copper technology to create more efficient, longer lasting, lighter weight, boilers for residential heating that have a smaller foot-print and are easier to install and service. Mini-Fin Lochinvar boilers are lighter than conventional boilers making installation easy. With inputs of 45,000 to 500,000 Btu/hr, Mini-Fin Lochinvar boilers are competitively priced and come standard with a 20 year limited warranty.

RBI boilers for commercial and home use

RBI Boilers – Futera II Series

RBI boilers - Futera IIFUTERA II RBI boilers are the next generation of innovative, advanced hot water supply. FUTERA II RBI boilers provide the same high standards as the original Futera with 85% efficiency, non-condensing with industry-leading NOx levels of less than 10ppm!

The advanced troubleshooting system employed in FUTERA II RBI boilers provide a step-by-step cycle of operation. Each step of the operating cycle is automatically tested and indicated, allowing for simplified and less costly troubleshooting.

FUTERA II RBI boilers Heat Exchanger and fittings will not corrode or rust for the life of your boiler. The finned tubes in RBI boilers are industrial grade copper with the fins and tubewalls formed as one, providing better heat transfer. Each tube is rolled into high grade all bronze headers. Bronze headers are standard on all FUTERA II RBI boilers.


RBI Boilers – 8800 Series

RBI boilers - 8800 Series8800 Series RBI boilers have been operating reliably and efficiently since their introduction. In addition to the consistent performance of RBI boilers, they have come to be appreciated for their ease of serviceability.

8800 Series RBI boilers have unique design allowing key components to slide out for easy access resulting in minimal interuption to service. All sheet metal components in RBI boilers are made of 16- or 18- gauge satin coat steel.

The heat exchanger rests on a solid structural steel frame that reduces thermal shock and increases the durability of the unit. All 8800 Series RBI boilers are equipped with a 100% copper and bronze waterway to prevent rust and corrosion.

With its quality construction 8800 Series RBI boilers have come to be recognized as an industry standard. RBI 8800 Series boilers are designed to provide years of worry-free service.

RBI Boilers – The Dominator Series

RBI boilers - Dominator SeriesDominator Series RBI boilers are the latest introduction to the RBI boilers product line. This series was designed with the same focus on reliability, serviceability and operating efficiency that RBI boilers are known for. Dominator Series RBI boilers use a sealed combustion chamber, special alloy burners, multi-speed blowers and a state-of-the-art staging control to produce high efficiency staged firing in a compact package. Dominator Series RBI boilers are efficient, have a small footprint and multiple venting options making it ideal for meeting today's demanding applications and job specifications.


RBI Boilers – The Spectrum Series

RBI boilers - Spectrum SeriesSpectrum Series RBI boilers unique design allows for both indoor or outdoor applications where gas-fired boilers are needed. Spectrum series RBI boilers have a reversible, two-pass heat exchanger that is made of commercial grade 7/8" I.D. finned copper tube. The fins are extruded from the tubing itself to ensure maximum heat transfer efficiency.

Spectrum Series RBI boilers can come with either cast iron headers for heating applications or with bronze headers for domestic hot water applications. Also, all Spectrum Series RBI boilers have a built-in draft hood that reduces the cost of installation and lowers the overall height of the boiler.

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Independent Pipe and Supply offers a complete line of HVAC products, including boilers, piping systems and valves. If you would like information about the availability of RBI boilers and Lochinvar boilers from Independent Pipe, please consult our online inventory.

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