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Pumps from Independent Pipe and Supply Corp.

Independent Pipe and Supply Corp. is a distributor for Bell and Gossett pumps and Taco pumps. Bell and Gossett and Taco are industry leaders in HVAC pumps manufacturing and feature pumps for a range of applications.

Bell and Gossett pumps

Since 1916, Bell and Gossett has been synonymous with innovation, design and leadership in the hydronic heating industry. Bell and Gossett pumps and accessories are backed by a network of stocking wholesalers and factory trained representatives.

Bell and Gossett pumps – Series 100 Three-Piece Oil Lubricated Booster Pump

Bell & Gossett pumps  - Series 100Series 100 pumps have been the industry standard circulator for decades and are still the only pumps by which other pumps are judged. Bell and Gossett Series 100 pumps remain a leader in applications such as hydronic heading and domestic hot water circulation.

Bell and Gossett pumps – SLC-30 Red Fox System Lubricated Booster Pumps

Bell & Gossett pumps - Red FoxBell and Gossett Red Fox pumps have the highest wet rotor starting torque in the industry. Red Fox pumps are easier than ever to install, with stripped leads for quick electrical connection and full slotted ground screw on both sides of the conduit box.

Bell and Gossett Pumps – Little Red Booster Pumps

Bell and Gossett pumps - Little Red Booster PumpBell and Gossett Little Red Booster Pumps are low cost, lightweight and high performance. Little Red Bell and Gossett pumps have a unique design that allows it to fill the void where wet rotor circulators may not be applicable and the standard three-piece booster pump is too large. Bell and Gossett Little Red Booster Pumps are powered by specially designed Bell and Gossett motors.

Taco Pumps

Taco Pumps – 1600 Series In-Line Pumps

Taco pumps - Series 1600Taco 1600 In-Line Pumps are available in 15 models ranging in size from 1 ½” x 1 ½” to 2” x 2”. These pumps range in performance capacity from 10GPM to 235GPM with head capacities up to 68’.

The heart of Taco 1600 Series Pumps is the replaceable permanently lubricated bearing cartridge. The exclusive cool bearing cartridge design isolates the bearing from the effects of system temperatures to greatly extend the bearing life.

Taco Pumps – 1900 Series Direct Coupled In-Line Pumps

Taco pumps- Series 1900Taco 1900 In-Line Pumps are available in 5 models ranging in size from 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" to 2" X 2". These pumps range in performance capacity from 10 GPM to 235 GPM with head capacities up to 68'. Taco 1900 series pumps are direct coupled versions of the popular and reliable 1600 Series In-Line pumps.

Taco Pumps – Close Coupled End-Suction Pumps

Taco pumps - CI SeriesTaco CI Series Pumps meet the latest standards for hydraulic performance and dimensional characteristics. Parts standardization and interchangeability for Taco CI Pumps results in reduced parts inventories and lower costs for multiple pump installations. An easy-to-replace, slip-on shaft sleeve facilitates seal maintenance in the field and lowers maintenance costs. The exclusive dry shaft design protects the pump shaft by eliminating contact between the shaft and the circulating fluid. Corrosion-resistant shaft materials are generally not required. Taco CI Pumps also feature seal flush line taps, allowing the installation of a filter to protect the seal from non-condensable particles present in the system. In addition, pressure tappings on suction and discharge flanges promote easy verification of performance of Taco CI Pumps.
Taco CI Pumps are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, including heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer and water supply.

Taco pumps and accessories serve the following applications:

  • Heating systems
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Recirculation
  • Booster service
  • Dishwashers
  • Laundry equipment
  • Cooling towers
  • Dry cleaning
  • Agriculture
  • Bottle washers
  • Irrigation systems

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We are happy to assist you with your projects. Please browse our online inventory of products including Bell and Gossett pumps and Taco pumps, for the best selection in New England.

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