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    Corporate Office - Canton, MA

    Jeffrey Nierman,
    President and CEO

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7101

    E: JNierman@indpipe.com

    Alan Mirson,Exective Vice-President

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7105

    E: AMirson@indpipe.com

    Ed Nierman

    Edward Nierman, Chairman of the Board

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7104

    E: ENierman@indpipe.com

    Eric Kessler,
    Vice President

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7102

    E: EKessler@indpipe.com

    Larry Mirson

    Larry Mirson,
    Vice President

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7135

    E: LMirson@indpipe.com


    Larry Pengel,
    Vice-President Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7106

    E: LPengel@indpipe.com

    Sharon Norton,

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7107

    E: SNorton@indpipe.com

    Michael Levin,
    Sales Manager

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7120

    E: MLevin@indpipe.com

    Kevin Christiansen,
    Inside Sales Manager

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7127


    Chris Larkin

    Chris Larkin,
    Warehouse Manager

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7151

    E: CLarkin@indpipe.com

    Anthony Henson,
    Shipping Manager

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7152

    E: ahenson@indpipe.com

    Ryan Palingo

    Ryan Palingo,
    Assistant Warehouse Manager

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7149

    E: rpalingo@indpipe.com

    Cheryl Zajdel,
    Accounts Payable Supervisor

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7174

    E: CZajdel@indpipe.com

    Karen Leary

    Karen Leary, Accounts
    Receivable/Billing Supervisor

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7173

    E: KLeary@indpipe.com

    Gwen Ford,
    Credit & Collection

    P 781.828.8500 ext. 7181

    E: gford@indpipe.com

    Robbin Hooper

    Robbin Hooper,

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7171

    E: RHooper@indpipe.com

    Alicen Swartz,
    Accounts Receivables

    P 781.828.8500 ext. 7179

    E: aswartz@indpipe.com

    Lisa Morris,
    Credit Manager

    P 781.828.8500 ext. 7170

    E: lmorris@indpipe.com

    Cathy Ringey,
    Assistant Controller

    P 781.828.8500

    E: cringey@indpipe.com

    Virginia McCoy,
    Accounts Payable (A-l)

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7175

    E: vmccoy@indpipe.com

    Canton, MA

    Michael Doyle,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7121

    E: MDoyle@indpipe.com

    George Niemiec,
    Outside Sales

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7131

    E: GNiemiec@indpipe.com

    Larry Pengel Jr.,
    Outside Sales

    P:781.828.8500 ext. 7136

    E: LRPengel@Indpipe.com

    Alan Ryter,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7124

    E: ARyter@indpipe.com

    Chris W Andersen

    Chris W Andersen,
    Outside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7129

    E: cwandersen@indpipe.com

    Steven "Goldie" Goldstein,
    Equipment Sales Manager

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7132

    E: Goldie@indpipe.com

    Sean Finnegan

    Sean Finnegan,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7125

    E: sfinnegan@indpipe.com

    Troy Quaglia

    Troy Quaglia,
    Fire Protection Outside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7137

    E: tquaglia@indpipe.com

    Sara Duggan,
    Inside Sales

    P 781.828.8500 ext. 7154

    E: sduggan@indpipe.com

    Earl Cenat,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7126

    E: ECenat@indpipe.com

    Ridwaan Abubakar,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7128

    E: rabubakar@indpipe.com

    Andy Goldstein,
    Equipment Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7130

    E: agoldstein@indpipe.com

    Jacob Nosel,
    Inside Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7137

    E: jnosel@indpipe.com

    Somerville, MA

    Allison Frank,
    Branch Operations Manager

    P: 617.629.0500

    E: afrank@indpipe.com

    Tim Feaman

    Tim Feaman,
    Outside Sales

    P: 617.629.0500

    E: TFeaman@indpipe.com

    Mike Hickey

    Mike Hickey,
    Sales Manager

    P: 617.629.0500

    E: mhickey@indpipe.com

    Jonathan Strunk,
    Inside Sales

    P: 617.629.0500

    E: jstrunk@indpipe.com

    Jonathan Hernandez,
    Inside Sales

    P: 617.629.0500

    E: jhernandez@indpipe.com

    Pawtucket, RI Office


    James Cotton,
    Branch Operations Manager

    P: 401.725.1700 ext. 7201

    E: JCotton@indpipe.com


    Jeffrey Locke
    Inside Sales

    P: 401.725.1700 ext. 7202

    E: JLocke@indpipe.com


    Joe Martin
    Outside Sales

    P: 401.725.1700 ext. 7204

    E: JMartin@indpipe.com


    Ronald Belliveau,
    Outside Sales

    P: 401.725.1700 ext. 7203

    E: RBelliveau@indpipe.com

    Winsdor, CT Office

    Brian Olesnevich, Branch Operations Manager

    P: 860.243.8500 ext. 7301

    E: BOlesnevich@indpipe.com

    James Covill,
    Sales Manager

    P: 860.243.8500 ext. 7304

    E: JCovill@indpipe.com

    Guy Frost,
    Inside Sales

    P:860.243.8500 ext. 7303

    E: GFrost@indpipe.com

    Rich McCormick,
    Inside Sales

    P: 860.243.8500 ext. 7302

    E: RMcCormick@indpipe.com

    Kevin McCarthy,
    Outside Sales

    P 860.243.8500 ext. 7305

    E: kmccarthy@indpipe.com

    Patrick McCarthy,
    Outside Sales

    P:860.243.8500 ext. 7306

    E: PMcCarthy@indpipe.com

    Pavel Disla,
    Inside Sales

    P: 203.776.8500

    E: dtisla@indpipe.com

    Manchester, NH Office

    Eric Smith, Branch Operations Manager

    P: 603.645.8500 ext. 7401

    E: ESmith@indpipe.com


    Dan Dockham,
    Outside Sale

    P:603.645.8500 ext. 7403

    E: ddockham@indpipe.com


    Scott Cowan,
    Equipment Sales

    P: 781.828.8500 ext. 7133
    E: scowan@indpipe.com

    Mike Camire

    Mike Camire,
    Inside Sales

    P 603.645.8500 ext. 7402

    E: mcamire@indpipe.com

    New Haven, CT Office

    Dave Chapman,
    Branch Operations Manager

    P: 203.776.8500 ext. 7601

    E: DChapman@indpipe.com

    Chris Andersen,
    Outside Sales

    P: 203.776.8500 ext. 7604

    E: candersen@indpipe.com

    Jeff Santana,
    Inside Sales

    P: 203.776.8500 ext. 7602

    E: jsantana@indpipe.com

    Ramon Rivera,
    Inside Sales

    P:203.776.8500 ext. 7603

    E: rrivera@indpipe.com

    Albany, NY Office


    Eric Pengel, Branch Operations Manager

    P: 518.463.8500 ext. 4420

    E: epengel@indpipe.com


    Daniel Robarge,
    Inside Sales

    P: 518.463.8500 ext. 4421

    E: drobarge@indpipe.com

    Tim Columbus

    Tim Columbus,
    Inside Sales

    P: 518.463.8500

    E: tcolumbus@indpipe.com

    South Burlington, VT Office

    Jamie White, Branch Operations Manager

    P: 802.660.8500 ext. 7501

    E: jwhite@indpipe.com


    Ray Stokes,
    Inside Sales

    P: 802.660.8500 ext. 7502

    E: RStokes@indpipe.com

    Tim Kaczamarek,
    Outside Sales

    P:802.660.8500 ext. 7503

    E: TKaczmarek@indpipe.com

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