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We've been building America for over four generations.

Look around you. As you watch America evolve and expand, know that Independent Pipe & Supply Corp. is behind the scenes making it happen. And we’ve been doing that for the last 7 decades and 4 generations.

Headquartered in Massachusetts and present in 6 states throughout the Northeast, our continued growth and success stem from our long-term realtionships with our customers, vendors and employees. Regardless of your role, we are committed to your success and dedicated to ensuring that what you need is simply fulfilled.


TITAN® strainers are essential in keeping pipelines clean, and preventing damage to downstream equipment. We can help you avoid expensive shutdowns by mechanically removing potentially harmful

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Whether it’s your first time, or you’re ready for a renewal, we’ll expedite the process for you. No googling for a phone number, navigating your way through voice prompts, and having to leave a message requesting a call back.

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